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Hello!  Thanks for your interest in AmiiBro NFC, we appreciate you stopping by.  My name is Ben, I started AmiiBro NFC, along with my two daughters.  Originally, I wanted to get them some amiibo figures for their 3DS Super Smash Bros game, but all the ones they wanted were super expensive, only available on eBay and such.  So looking for alternatives, I came across all sorts of amiibo nfc cards on Etsy.  So I looked into it a little further, and I found it to be quite interesting!  I talked it over with my girls, and they were very excited to help with project!  I am already an avid coin collector, and I had an idea while casing some of my new half dollars.  Rather than make a paper card with the chip in between, or use those thick & stiff NFC cards (made with PVC, which degrades and will change color, especially when printed on), we decided to use our coin cases to house the NFC chips.  We made a 18pc set for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild game for the Nintendo Switch, and before too long, my daughter's friends were quite interested in our little tokens!  


So taking some advice, I make a shop on Etsy to get the word out.  I saw many other stores with identical products (in function, not style) so I figured it was a good move.  Low and behold, whether it was some angry competitors, or whatever, I was reported a few times on Etsy by "Nintendo" and they closed my store and locked my account.  Days later, I receive a few emails from Etsy saying the reports were false, but I got the whole "3 strikes, you're out" speech, and was told basically there was nothing I could do.  So, beings that we had 6 people contact me asking for more tokens in the first few days after being shut down, I figured we could start up our own website and still be able to serve those who also want amiibos, but don't want to pay scalper prices on eBay to get them! C'mon, $50 for a $12 toy is highway robbery people!  And Nintendo won't step up production enough to keep up with demand (same can be said for ALL their products...)  

So, here we are now, offering top quality amiibo tokens at very affordable prices, and easily storable sizes! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions, we generally answer all messages the same day, if possible.  And all of our cases and NFC chips are sourced from here in the USA, then assembled and tested here on site.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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