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What games are these tokens compatible with?

These tokens represent specific amiibo characters. Therefore, any game that the character you chose is compatible with, will also be compatible with the AmiiBro token! For an in-depth look at which games the character(s) you want will also be compatible with, check the official guide.


Will these tokens work on systems & games from outside the United States?

Yes! The amiibo figures are not region-locked in any way! As of 11/10/14 all systems were updated to accept any amiibo, regardless of the region. So no matter where you got your gaming system, or your video game, our tokens will be entirely compatible with your set up! 


I already purchased some tokens, but now new ones have been released...

In most cases, we do set up a smaller set of the new releases in a group package. If you're not seeing what you're looking for, please let us know so we can get you hooked up! If it's not listed, we'll get a listing up ASAP; and if it is listed, we'll make it easier to find for next time!


I'm looking for an amiibo that you don't have listed, can you make me one?

Yes! We actually have over 99% of the released amiibo available. Being a small business, we only keep the most popular up on our site; but we have them all! Including: Animal Crossing (figures and cards), BoxBoy!, Chibi-Robo, Dark Souls, Diablo, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Jikkyou Baseball, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Mario Superstars, Megaman, Metroid, Monster Hunter, Pikman, Pokemon, Pokken T, Shovel Knight, Skylanders SuperChargers, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., and Yoshi's Wooly World. 

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