40pc Hey Pikmin! Complete Set

Quantity: 1 = 1 set of 40 Tokens


Made from WATERPROOF/SPILLPROOF T30 Air-Tite coin cases. Made from USA acrylic with non-yellowing agent, PVC free & archival safe. Used by coin collectors for keeping Half Dollar coins safe from water & oxidation by air. So no need to worry about those soda pop spills!

These tokens act as the amiibo figures. Easier to use than the large cumbersome figurines! Especially if you have a special collection shelf in place, ain't nobody got time for that! For use with any Nintendo Switch / WiiU with NFC support. This set is specifically hand-picked to maximize your gaming interaction on Hey Pikmin! This set includes 40 different characters from across multiple collections (Animal Crossing, Mario, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros.), including the new exclusive Pikmin amiibo released with Hey Pikmin! A must have for any serious gamer! All tokens are 100% guaranteed to work with any game that character is compatible with.


This set contains:


Animal Crossing Collection:

- K.K.

- Isabelle (Summer)

- Isabelle (Winter)

- Tom Nook

- Timmy & Tommy

- Mabel

- Reese

- Cyrus

- Digby

- Rover

- Resetti

- Blathers 

- Celeste

- Kicks

- Kapp'n

- Lottie


Mario Collection:

- Mario

- Golden Mario

- Silver Mario

- Luigi

- Peach

- Yoshi

- Rosalina

- Bowser

- Wario

- Donkey Kong

- Diddy Kong

- Toad 

- Daisy

- Waluigi

- Boo


Splatoon Collection:

- Inkling Girl (orange)

- Inkling Girl (green)

- Inkling Boy (blue)

- Inkling Boy (purple)

- Inkling Squid (green)

- Inkling Squid (orange)

- Callie

- Marie


Super Smash Bros. Release:

- Olimar


and last, but not least,


- Pikmin (new release)

40pc Hey Pikmin! Complete Set

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  • The tokens are about 1.25 inches wide, about the size of a poker chip. The cases were designed to protect half dollars, so they are waterproof & spillproof. Housed inside are 25mm NFC chips, rated up to 250,000 scans. The set comes in a convenient tube for traveling or storage.

  • If for any reason your tokens are not working, please contact us for a return / replacement within 14 days of delivery. You must be able to return to me the product in question in order to process the return. For returns, buyer pays shipping, on replacements we'll cover shipping. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.