Customize Switch / Joy Cons

I'm sure you have seen them here and there, customized Switch consoles and Joy Cons are becoming all the rage!   This process can be really simple, or crazy complicated - just depends on how closely you like to follow directions!  


Before purchase, please check out eXtremeRate's selection on Amazon to see what colors / graphics are available to choose from. (we do not make the skins, if it is not available or backordered on Amazon, that is the same for us too).  The price you pay here includes parts and labor - you do not need to purchase anything from Amazon, these links are just to show you the options available. Once you know what options you would like, put that is the "customization" area of the order - we will order that on our end, no stress to you! - Whole Console Options  -  Joy Con Only Options


Once you purchase this service, you will recieve a shipping label via email to send the parts you'd like customized to us.  Yes, that means you will be shipping your Switch if you want the whole thing customized, so make sure you package it well enough to survive the UPS man. 


Also, once the order has processed, we will purchase the required skins from Amazon, and they should arrive around the same time as your shipped equipment.  The swap takes about 1-2 business days depending on what is being swapped and our total work load. 


Once completed, you will recieve an email with tracking information on your equipment being shipped back to you!  We will not be providing photos of completed equipment prior to shipping unless there is an issue (which we will address at no cost, once you have decided which direction to take). 

Customize Switch / Joy Cons

  • AmiiBro NFC takes NO responsibility for equipment damaged during shipping.  You will have the option to purchase insured shipping, but if you don't - it is up to you to file a complaint with USPS to resolve your issue.  If we receive equipment from you that is DOA (dead on arrival), we will ship it back immediately without any modifications being made - and you will recieve a refund for the cost of the parts not used (shipping costs are non-refundable).